Our Solutions & Services

Continuing to serve our valuable clients, CARE also offers some solutions and/or programs as part of our outsourcing, modification and improvements in our application, as follows:

Care’s Program Maintenance

Maintenance Care is a unique service provided by CARE to its clients after the implementation of core applications, including some important activities, inter alia:

  • Bugs Correction
  • Application Upgrade
  • Modification
  • Improvement
  • Program Application Training (Refresh Training)

The benefit (the essence) of utilizing our maintenance programs are as follows:

Application Service Provider (ASP)

PT. CARE Technologies has expanded and has been part of the Application Service Provider (ASP) business. This ASP service will provide more connectivity and integrated collaboration partners / distribution as well as other related businesses in the insurance field to enable our valuable customers to more easily in managing.

ASP Program is the next level of service from CARE, where our valuable clients can outsource not only in the form of application support but also in the form of infrastructure in the transaction fee based model.

The advantage of ASP itself is not only to cut the costs, such as software license fees, implementing costs, maintenance costs, hardware investment costs, operating system costs, consulting fees, and so forth, but also the lifespan of the application.

With ASP, our valuable clients could use their chosen application as soon as possible without any delay, without software installation, or else waiting for the license.

Future Business

  • Move from ‘Product’ to ‘Services’
  • Services where CARE becomes Cloud Computing Centre
  • Data Aggregator
  • Data Exchange between Parties
  • Cloud’s Apps
  • Care’s Mobile for Client’s Customers
  • Shared Call Centre for Insurance


CARE is also offering ‘Services’ as part of Outsourcing which is covering Modifications / Improvement / Upgrading of the Applications in recurring monthly fee basis Plus additional services such as training, consultation and Enhancements.