PT CARE TECHNOLOGIES (CARE) is Celebrating the 13th Years of Services.


CARE was established in 2006, since first introduced CARE consistently commits to provide Industry Solution Specific for Insurance Industry and has become the biggest provider in Insurance Software Application in Indonesia. Now going further, CARE also has put its foot print in ASEAN regions and globally recognized.

Local and International Acceptances

CARE apps has improved and continue to improve become the most integrated end to end application with most complete features, functionalities, Service Layered  Web Technologies for Insurance Business processing models and affordable solutions for any Insurance variety and size.

With more a decade of experience, CARE has knowledge base ( which are gathering all information from Insurance Business Cases and Solutions, Reports Library, Template Library, Question Answering, How to Setting, etc.; For fast implementation from backend core application, integrated document management, workflow, data warehouse/reporting, and seamless Business collaboration (B2B/B2C); driving insurance for ‘automated processing’ and ‘digital’ platform.


One Stop Shopping

Giving the best services for Insurance Industries, CARE also provides Cloud Base Apps (with Additional Data Recovery Center Services); the model gives pay as used method where the Insurance Company can use the complete features of Insurance Application without any Investment Cost Incurred;

This letter is intended for our customers that have trusted since and who want to know more why CARE is the ideal solution and also the best in term of the Cost and Benefit from others.

Last Word, understanding client needs, building intense and clear communications and appreciating ideas are what we should do.



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