Dear Colleagues,

Previously we would like to express our gratitude for your kind support and trust given to PT. CARE Technologies as a provider of application solutions in your company.

We are from PT. CARE Technologies continues to be fully committed to continuously improve the service and support, either directly or indirectly, so that our valuable clients would be able to utilize the used applications optimally and can provide the maximum benefit for their company.

Hence, we would like to say a few words/to give some information to be known by our valuable clients which is related to the following matters:


AL Online is an application designed to convey the Client’s request (Activity Log) by online. By using this application, our valuable clients will be able to monitor the AL completion process. With the expiration of the AL Online trial period until 30 November 2016. Hence from this date, all Client’s requests must be made through the AL Online.


Knowledge Base (KB) is a collection of information which is related with the CGISS/CHISS applications, where users can perform searches of the needed information, such as User Manual, User Guide, FAQ, Upgrade Patch, Case Solution (compiled from the problems arising from all CARE’s valuable clients) and so forth. KB can be accessed via the following URL:

The valuable clients need their User ID and Password to access this KB which can be requested through AL-Online.


Portal Web Application is an easy and simple application created to facilitate the Management in order to perform monitoring/policy approval, Claim including reading the Information/Reports in real time. This application is recommended for use on a Notepad/Tab.

This application is free of charge, so for our valuable clients who want this application as well can request it through the AL-Online.


CARE also manage the reporting portal for AAUI that can be accessed via the URL where the insurance members can submit/upload their report data to the portal.

Therefore, to make it easier for the clients who have been using the CARE application, we have prepared a report in a compatible form so that data can be directly downloaded into Excel format and can be directly uploaded to the portal. To request such kind of Report, our valuable clients are able to request it via AL-Online.


CARE application is an application that integrates and dynamically evolving to keep pace with the evolution of technology and business. This Refresh Training is a facility provided as well to all CARE’s valuable clients so that they will be able to send their users to receive a retraining given by CARE’s consultants who have been experienced in insurance. (As an additional information, CARE application has also been used as a Lab Practices by STMA TRISAKTI). It is recommended for our valuable clients who need it, to apply their training request through the AL-Online.

Thus the provided information we can give so far, hopefully it could be useful to all of our valuable clients. Participate in helping is one of the best thing we can do for our valuable clients.

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