Care’s Program Maintenance

Maintenance Care is a unique service provided by Care to its clients after the implementation of core applications, including some important activities, inter alia:

  • Bugs Correction
  • Application Upgrade
  • Modification
  • Improvement
  • Supervision and Advisory
  • Program Application Training (Refresh Training)

The benefit (the essence) of utilizing our maintenance program are as follows:

  • Securing Investment: the insurance is able to request the latest applications upgrade
  • Contingency Planning: we are maintaining the application source of our valuable clients, so if things happened undesirably, source has been “disappeared/damaged/switched over” etc., then CARE would be capable to restore the source code intactly.
  • Business Case and References: our valuable clients are able to perform Inquiry to CARE, Business trend inclusive their library reports which can be used by the respective clients, which signify our valuable clients can keep up with the growth of the business trend and the better information and can be utilized for the Company’s expansion.
  • Business Focus and OutSourcing: the concept of outsourcing, where the non-business activities can be transferred to another party who is expertly skilled in managing it so the company can be more focus in their business.
  • Customized Apps and Common Practices: Customized Apps and Common Practices: Customized Apps / Tailor Made Application for Common Business (and Regulate Business) are becoming obsolete, because the company wanted a case of ‘ready to use’ and is readily available, is no longer being built from scratch (Time To Market).
  • Standardized Maintenance Cost: Maintenance Cost of PT CARE Technologies is standart, it aims to establish the concept of Price Level view of the same, thus showing the same level of Services.
  • IT Role for Operational Agent: Maintenance Program does not mean the transfer of functions from the IT Internal, there is a more important function Internal company where IT is as an agent to promote the maximum utilization of the application.