About PT. CARE Technologies

PT CARE Technologies (CARE) is IT Solution Provider for specific Industries mainly in General Insurance or Insurance IT Solution Provider. Our team are dedicated for Insurance Business Process and Information Technology from Underwriting/Claim/Reinsurance/ and also Finance Accounting; Hence, giving solution not only the application but also Total Package Solution. As a Major Solution Insurance Provider in Indonesia, we are also implementing in some countries in ASEAN

Some of Our Product

Care General Insurance System Solution (CGISS)

CGISS Web Enterprise is End to End General Insurance Application that consists of Modules, as follow: Insurance Setup, Claim Processing and Claim Recovery, Servicing and Quotation, etc.

Care Health Insurance System Solution (CHISS)

CHISS Web Enterprise is End to End Health Insurance Application that consists of Modules as follow: Insurance Setup, Actuary, Quotation, Policy Processing, Claim Processing, Claim Guarantee Letter, etc.

Care Broker Insurance System Solution (CBISS)

Broker application is an application that governs transactions between the insured and the insurer, who get rewarded a commission on insurance coverage approved by both parties.

Care’s Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC)

Cloud-based service solutions to protect applications and data from natural disaster, human disaster or service interruption in one location enable a full recovery in the cloud that integrated with CARE application.

Care’s Collaboration

Following the development in other countries, as well as insurance needs in Indonesia, PT CARE Technologies has been develop some solutions and services in order to facilitate the use of insurance, such as: Middleware, B2B, ePolicy (CDP, QR Code, eStamp), Datawarehouse, etc.

Some of Our Service

Care’s Purchase Option

Care’s Outsourcing Option

Care’s Application Service Provider (ASP) Option

Care’s Program Maintenance

Maintenance Care is a unique service provided by Care to its Clients after the implementation of core applications. including some important activities. inter alia: Bugs Correction, Application Upgrade, Modification. Improvement and Program Application Training (Refresh Training).