Corporate Outing – Raja Ampat 2014


One of routine activity outisde the office, worthwhile and also fun is Company Outing. That is a routine activity that held to provide training programs such as Personality Education, Teamwork, Self or Personal Development and the strategies to solving various problems in working life and daily activities.

There are several main activities, such as Corporate Value Awareness to raise awareness of the company’s vision and misssion. Loyalty and caring for the various problems being faced by the company are so important. Team building is purposely to strengthening personal relationships of employees in order to avoid interpersonal conflict friction within a company.

On November 28th to 31st, 2014, PT Care Technologies got a chance to have a company outing to Raja Ampat – Papua. The natural beauty of Papua is still rare untouched, making this place still beautiful and becoming an interesting tourist destination. Raja Ampat is a famous place in Papua that has attracted the sympathy of the whole world. The natural beauty, flora, fauna and the friendly native people that really fascinating and it’s really worth it if this place called as a paradise of the world.This entry was posted in Events on December 30, 2014.

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