Corporate Outing – Ternate & Morotai 2017


Outing this time, CARE the opportunity to explore the East, namely Ternate and Morotai. We had the opportunity to visit the island of Ternate, which we know is rich in relics of the World War II. One of the ones we visited was the Benteng Tolukko and the Museum of World War II.

Apart from visiting our city of Ternate, we also had the opportunity to visit Morotai Island, an island that is still very natural and natural so we are really fascinated by its natural beauty. We also visited several small islands near Morotai Island, among others: Pulau Timbul, Kokoya Island, Koloray Island.


Not forgetting as a sign of our gratitude for the development of the company, then we want to share to our friends who are in Morotai Island, the SD Inpres Pandanga.

We hope our Outing this time is beneficial to those around us and give us a new spirit.This entry was posted in Events on December 15, 2017.

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