Corporate Outing – Wakatobi, Hoga 2016


Company outing is a recreational activity for our employees outside of working hours.

This activity is usually a combination of the following: sightseeing trip with the facilities available either in the form of up to development teams, such as gala dinner, musical performances, games, competitions, motivation sessions, training and even social events.

Events like these are generally packaged in an informal atmosphere that is far different from the everyday life in the workplace and often involves everyone from the head of the company to the bottom line.

In the year 2016, from 13 to 18 of November PT Care Technologies had the opportunity to organise an  outing to Wakatobi – Hoga. During the 5 days and 4 nights, accompanied by a team of organizers from Dody Adventure we did a lot of creative activities such as games, fly lanterns, snorkeling, mangrove planting in Lintea and other places. The most memorable experience was to share happiness with the kids in the Maritim SDS Mola, in addition to sharing our experiences with them, we also engaged in storytelling sessions and gaming activities with them.

Company outing is one of the ways to reduce pressure from daily work because it creates interactions in a recreational atmosphere which gave more freedom of expression. This in turn can add to the quality of a person both personally and professionally.


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